A Geberal Trading Company for a beauty material, buaty apliance and buauty miscellaneous goods

For 145 years we pursuit "Beauty" or " Pleasure"

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Since Ozekiya have founded a production wholesale dealer of laday's wig articlaes
as main professtion in Shirakawa ,Nagoya city,Aichi Pref.,Japan in 1864 year ,
For 145 yeas. Ozekiya have pursuited a lady's "Beauty" or "Pleasure"
Our handling articles have been changed with the times.
Nowadays,we handle the beauty materials which are used by such as the specialist of beautician.
and the beauty miscellaneous goods which are pleased to a human heart.

In future, we will pusue the seeds which dig the customer's needs up
and we are going to present you the articles and service

New Information

There are Ozekiya products!!


I try to introduce my products in YouTube.

Check Ozekiya Beauty products!!

[Ozekiya information] This is Ozekiya's Products "Brush"

We introduce some brush that Professional stylist use.
Ozekiya sells many professional goods in my company.

my products are made in Japan, China and so on...

Maybe, there are most kinds of professional brushs that we sale in Middle.  my introduce YouTube movie for brush is here

New Ozekiya english Web page is released!!


Thank you for browsing my site.

New Ozekiya english Web page is released!!



Address:1-25 Murakumo-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi-pref 4660052 Japan
Email: info@ozekiya.co.jp
Twitter: ozekiyaonline
Facebook: ozekiyaonline


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